Available courses

The OSHA 30-Hour course provides a proven path to receiving an OSHA student completion card from the Department of Labor (DOL)/Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Outreach Training Program. With a convenient online course, managers, employers, and related personnel receive the training in job site hazards, protection, and safety culture needed to avoid workplace accidents, injuries, and deaths.


Soft skills are the non-technical skills such as positive attitude, courtesy, proper attire, good communication, empathy, personal hygiene, and listening.


This online course provides new technicians and people desiring a better understanding of air conditioning systems including theory, components and troubleshooting. This series builds on the concepts covered in General Training Air Conditioning I. Topics covered include refrigerant characteristics, system dehydration and charging, refrigerant piping and system installation. In addition part load operation and troubleshooting methods are covered. This program consists of 9 modules and is available as each module or as a complete course. To receive FAD credit you must pass the final exam.

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